Fathom™ System Installation

The purpose of this guide is to streamline the process to set up a venue with Fathom™ Hubs. The installation process is divided into four stages: Preparation, Setup the Hubs, Hub Installation, and Fathom Control Setup.


Use the Preparation Checklist to determine where to install the Fathom Hubs, how to power them, and how to connect them to the Internet.

  1. Print out the floor plan for the venue
  2. Mark the locations in which you will install each hub. For each Hub determine if they will installed on the ceiling or on furnishings like a table or cabinet. This information will be inputted in the Fathom Install App.
  3. Determine a name for each of the hubs on the map. You can use the name of the room the hub is located in, the person's desk the hub will reside on, or simply letter and number combinations based on a grid. The purpose of the name is to ensure the person installing the hubs install them in the appropriate location and it is identifiable in Fathom Control. 

Setup the Hubs

Now that you know where each Fathom Hub will be placed and whether they will be installed top-down (installed on the ceiling) or top-up (installed on furnishings) you can proceed to configure all the Fathom Hubs at once before moving on to the next stage.

If you are using WiFi, it is recommended to do the setup within the range of the WiFi as the Fathom Installation App can verify if a successful connection to the network (During your initial setup this feature will not work)

  1. Power on one Fathom Hub at a time.
  2. Use the Fathom™ Install app and follow the Fathom Installation App article to input the name of the Hub, the top side orientation, and the network connection info.
  3. Apply a label with the name associated with the Fathom Hub for the installer to be able to identify the hub and install in the appropriate location.
  4. Repeat these step until all hubs are configured and labeled.

Hub Installation

Welcome to the Hub Installation stage! It is time to install the labeled Fathom Hubs into the locations laid out in the Preparation stage. The key considerations are:

  1. It is important that the labeled hub is installed in the correct location otherwise you will have to go back and change the configuration of the hub to match.
  2. The LED orientation of the Fathom Hub needs to be entered for each hub. This task is easiest if all the Fathom Hubs' LEDs are pointing in the same direction. To do this pick a wall and ensure the LED of each Hub squarely points to it.

Fathom Control

The final stage to activate the positioning system is to input the orientation and location of the Fathom Hub. This is where the preparation and planning pay off.

Login to Fathom Control. For each of the Fathom Hubs follow the instructions:

  1. Input Fathom Hub Positioning and Orientation
  2. If all the Fathom Hubs have the LED pointed in the same direction,  established the orientation override value and for all remaining Fathom Hubs the value can be inputted by clicking the number field and entering the value.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed the Fathom System.


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