Fathom™ Hub Evaluation Kit

Congratulations on receiving the Fathom™ Evaluation Kit! This document provides an overview of how to set up the evaluation kit, configure the beacons for accurate positioning and how to evaluate system performance.

Fathom System

  1. Four Fathom™ Hubs can accurate position beacons for an area of 225sqm (2500sqft). Use the Fathom Hub Placement document to determine a suitable evaluation location of similar size.
  2. Follow the Fathom™ System Deployment to set up the system. Select a detailed and accurate floorplan and spend the time to ensure it is placed correctly in Fathom Control.


Fathom is designed to work with any beacon on the market.

  1. Ensure the Optimal Beacon Configuration for Positioning Accuracy is applied to each beacon used in the evaluation.
  2. To make beacons detectable in Fathom Control ensure they beacon is transmitting a unique iBeacon UUID or Eddystone UID. 
  3. Follow the Working with Third-Party Beacons guide to provide a user-friendly label to the beacons in Fathom Control. Place the same label on the actual beacons.


At this point, you have a completely digitized representation of your physical venue in Fathom Control.

  1. Use the floor plan uploaded to Fathom Control to determine evaluation locations to place the beacons. It helps align beacons with fixed objects such as windows, doors, or walls.  
  2. Identify and mark the physical locations of the beacons.
  3. Please labeled beacons at the marked locations.
  4. The Fathom Control display the default screen update rate is 60 seconds. Increase Fathom Control Screen Update Rate to 10 seconds to ensure no delays.
  5. Assess the position accuracy by comparing the expected position of the beacon and the position reported in Fathom Control.
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