Network Requirements

 Ethernet or Wi-Fi access must be provided to all Fathom Hubs. 


Protocols and Ports

Multicast support is required. (mDNS library through on layer 3)

Ports: 80 (HTTP), 443 (HTTPS), 123 (SNTP),  5353 (intranet), 7946 (intranet)

IP Range

The Fathom Hub is compliant with RFC 1918 standard, IP ranges must be:

  • IP addresses: --
  • IP addresses: --
  • IP addresses: –

The network to which the deployed hubs connect to need to be on the same subnet / VLAN allowing intercommunication.

Direct Internet access on a network supporting DHCP is recommended. Static IP assignment is supported. Proxy is currently unsupported. 

WiFi Authentication

WEP or WPA/WPA2 Personal Authentication Only (Captive Portal, WPA2 Enterprise not supported)

For more detail on the Hub, please refer to Technical Specifications

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