Add a User

To create a user in Fathom™ Control user management:

You can add users to your organization and assign access permission depending on that user's role. You might create a user when someone joins your organization, or when you require a developer account for a new application to make API calls to Fathom Control. 

To Create a New User follow this process:

1. Click on your User Profile to access settings. Find 'Users' in the menu list. 

2. On the top of the page, click on 'Add User'

3. Select the Organization to which this user should belong. Fill out the Email, and Name fields. Finally select the Role for the user with the proper permission policies. 


4. The user will receive will receive an email in order to set their account password.  The email will contain a link to Fathom™ Control where the password can be entered.  Once a password has been set, the user can login to Fathom Control.


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