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A Venue is a physical location or coverage area, that you wish to monitor using the Fathom™ system. An example for a sports franchise is the stadium. You can have multiple venues managed within an organization. You may have one or multiple maps associated with a venue. In the case of an office building, you may be interested in locating assets on multiple floors of the building. In this case, each floor would be considered its own venue. Alternatively, you may have many stores or offices as part of an organization, where each store/office would be considered its own venue.


To add a Venue in Fathom Control:

1. Click on 'Add New Venue':

2. Fill out the following required information:

Name: Enter a name for the Venue. Make sure to name the venue something memorable—this is how you will distinguish the different places you have Fathom Hubs installed

Organization: Organization to which the Venue belongs

Address: This should be the physical address of the venue. Enter the location address of your venue so that Fathom can center it on the map. Press 'Move to Address' link to verify the address on the map and ensure that the location matches with the address you have entered.


3. (Optional) If you prefer to upload the coordinates of the location, you can enter the Manual tab and specify the latitude and longitude as such. Supported file formats are: JPG/JPEG, PNG, GIF, SVG, PDF. 

4. A floor plan can be uploaded as an overlay on your specified location. This feature is useful for use-cases requiring high precision indoor positioning.

Note the orientation of the building outline on the map and rotate your image to closely match the outline before uploading to ensure an easier venue mapping process.


Desired Result



                         Correct                                                               Incorrect

correct.jpg      incorrect.jpg


After uploading the image, use the pointers located at each of the four corners of the floor plan and drag the corners of the floor plan so they align with the outline of the building on the map. Click ‘Save’ to add the floor plan to the Venue’s location.


5. Position Change Threshold Meters. Movement of devices observed by Hubs in the Venue will only trigger a position change if the distance moved is equal or above the set threshold (in meters). 

Threshold For Install Location Change Alerts (Meters):  Fathom will watch your fixed devices for any unexpected motion. Just place an Install Location Change monitor on the BLE device that you want to monitor.  This setting will allow you to adjust the sensitivity of these alerts. By default, movement within a 10m radius is permitted before triggering the alert. For more sensitive applications, reduce this number accordingly.

6. Click 'Save' to complete adding the Venue to the system.  

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