Monitors and Event Alerts

Monitors are used to track events triggered by device activity. If a device has a monitor set for a specific event, and that event occurs then the user will receive an alert that signals the triggering of the event. There are many types of events, grouped into two categories: Venue Alerts and Email Alerts. These event types serve as the basis for monitor triggers and event alerts.

Alert Types:

1. Venue Alert: All accounts within the organization will be able to view venue alerts in the venue that they were generated in.

Venue alerts appears in Fathom™ Control as follows:

2. Email Alert: Fathom Control will send an email to the selected accounts when a device triggers this alert. 

Each category of alerts (venue and email) can have at least four event types, as detailed below.


Event Types:

1. Installation Location Change - event triggers anytime a device moves more than the set threshold (measured in meters). The threshold meter can be changed on the Venue level as follows:


2. Offline - If a Fathom™ Hub has not detected a device for more than 5 minutes, the system will mark the device as 'offline'.

3. Device Online or In Range - When a device either goes back online or enters a venue again (the Hub can detect it again).


Use Case: Create Monitor and Alert via Fathom API

curl -i -H 'Authorization: Bearer 5CE78.5A2780C34BFA-F41D70A65518D.8B35480002E2756FB1105.6F87C2667' \ -X POST -d '{'device_id':'8450dfc2-44b8-47e6-8f01-3c285961f122','event_type':'pc', 'monitor_type': 'email', 'subscribers': {'subscriber_id':'7WUF95s0WCoIenZ7TyhxqE'}' \

  • Create event monitoring for device_id: 8450dfc2-44b8-47e6-8f01-3c285961f122
  • Set the event trigger point for Position Change (ie. pc). Everytime the subject device moves out of the threshold meter, an event is triggered.
  • Alert option email is selected. Everytime a Position Change event is recorded, an alert to specified user email is thrown.
  • User with id 7WUF95s0WCoIenZ7TyhxqE is subscribed to this monitoring device and ensuing events. 

Example of event_type:









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