Fathom™ API Documentation

Introduction to the Fathom API

Fathom has a comprehensive and fully featured API to get you started on writing your integration app. From buses to pallets, the Fathom API has features to trackmanage, or monitor the beacons that you are interested in.


Getting Started With Positioning

The Fathom positioning engine provides the location of your beacon through the Show a Device endpoint. You can query the position of a device at any time by using the device's device_id, a uniquely generated number. You can then use the device's position to place it on a map in your software solution.


Managing Beacons
To manage your Fathom Tags through the API, update them through the Update a Device endpoint. Set the Tx power and beaconing interval to your specified values and the hubs will configure the tags


Monitoring Beacons

Monitoring a beacon allows for emails or alerts on Fathom Control. Begin by Creating a Monitor on a specified beacon, specify what event you would like to be notified on and specify whether you would like a web app alert on Fathom Control or an e-mail to be sent.


View the rest of the API features at https://control.fathom.xyz/apidocs/

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