Third-Party Beacon Support

The Fathom™ system can identify any type of 3rd party Bluetooth beacon or BLE device.  Beacon manufacturers typically provide a mobile app to modify the UUID, Major or Minor or a combination of these fields. Fathom ecosystem beacon partners will have the unique capability to remotely configure these fields in Fathom™ Control.

How to Uniquely Identify a Beacon 

All beacon manufacturers allow users to modify the UUID and the Major and Minor field that are broadcast by the beacon. The way to modify these values is typically using the beacon vendor's app. Using the manufacturer's app you should be able to determine the UUID of specific beacons distributed in your deployment. We suggest that you physically apply a sticker to identify the beacon for future reference. 

Once you have physically identified each one of the beacons in your deployment you can reference the UUID or major/minor value in the "Filters" panel of Fathom Control. Simply enter the full number or portion of the UUID, Major or Minor in the "Device Search" field to locate beacons in Fathom Control. 

Labelling a Beacon in Fathom Control

To begin labelling your beacons simply open Fathom Control and locate the venue where your beacons are present. On the "Filters" panels select and click "All Devices" to see all detected Bluetooth beacons and BLE devices. All third-party Bluetooth devices are represented by the  icon.

Click the "Devices" tab to switch to a list view.

Now that a beacon can be searched and identified in Fathom Control, a label can be assigned to that beacon. Adding a label also adds the beacon the "My Devices" list. To label a beacon in the "Venue" view click the beacon to bring up the menu and click "Edit Device". For this example we are referencing the iBeacon protocol.



The other method of labeling the beacon is in the "Devices" view and by clicking the  icon to bring up the labelling and category window. 

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